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Hirely & Zapier Integration


In the vast cosmos of technology integrations, Zapier stands as a revered orchestrator, weaving disparate software applications into a cohesive digital tapestry. Its prowess lies in its ability to make the complex seem effortless, granting businesses the power to create intricate automations without the need for bespoke coding.

Hirely’s union with Zapier is a testament to our commitment to fluidity and adaptability in the recruitment process. We’re enabling a world where Hirely’s video interview insights can easily flow into your plethora of tools, CRMs, databases, and more. With this alliance, the recruitment process isn’t just innovative; it becomes endlessly scalable, customizable, and tightly integrated with your existing digital ecosystem.

How It Works

Within the integrated ecosystem of Hirely and Zapier, the possibilities are virtually limitless. As candidates complete their video interviews on Hirely, Zapier is at the ready, orchestrating data flows and triggering actions across your suite of tools.

Imagine this: A candidate submits their Hirely video interview. Instantly, via Zapier, a notification pops up in your team’s Slack channel, an entry is added to your CRM, and an email summary is dispatched to the hiring manager. Such seamless automations ensure that your team remains agile, informed, and efficient, making the most of every interaction.

This collaboration means that Hirely’s rich candidate insights can be utilized far beyond our platform, rippling through your business operations and ensuring that every stakeholder stays in the loop.

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to Integration Settings within Hirely.
  2. Choose the “Zapier” integration option.
  3. Follow the guided steps to link your Zapier account and set up your desired “Zaps” or automations.
  4. With everything in place, watch as Hirely’s data harmoniously interacts with your suite of tools, all orchestrated by Zapier.

Support & Further Assistance

For any nuances, queries, or support needs regarding this integration, our FAQ section is an invaluable resource. Also, our dedicated Hirely support team is always a click away at [email protected].