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Hirely & Integration

Introduction is not just another workspace tool; it’s a pulse, an ethos, driving teams towards coordinated success across myriad tasks and projects. From task management to complex workflows, has etched its mark as an operational hub for companies worldwide, all while championing simplicity, clarity, and collaboration.

Integrating Hirely’s sophisticated video interview capabilities into this ecosystem brings about a harmonious marriage of task management and talent acquisition. The essence of this union? Enabling HR teams to gain deeper insights into potential hires, while seamlessly managing the recruitment pipeline within the familiar and versatile environment of

How It Works

With, teams orchestrate their projects, tasks, and communications with pristine clarity. When intertwined with Hirely, this canvas gets enriched with a human touch. As you move a candidate through the recruitment board on, Hirely’s video responses become an intrinsic part of this journey, offering a more nuanced understanding of each individual.

Visualize your workflow: You’re in, maneuvering through the vibrant boards and columns, tracking the progress of several candidates. Just as you review notes or feedback from previous interactions, there’s an added layer – the candidate’s Hirely video response, offering you a personal window into their thoughts, aspirations, and personality.

Getting Started

  1. Dive into Integration Settings within Hirely.
  2. Seek out the “” integration route.
  3. Engage with the seamless steps to embed your arena.
  4. Once integrated, your boards will resonate with Hirely’s video glimpses, making candidate assessment both intuitive and profound.


Support & Further Assistance

In times of questions or for added clarity, our FAQ section stands ready. For more personalized guidance, the Hirely support ensemble is at your beck and call at [email protected].