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Hirely & LinkedIn Integration


In an age where every click, scroll, and tab matters, Hirely’s seamless integration with LinkedIn offers a paradigm shift in the recruitment narrative.

LinkedIn, as we all know, stands as a monumental testament to modern professional networking. It’s a digital representation of a person’s career journey, aspirations, and accomplishments. On the other hand, Hirely brings to the table an innovative and personable method of understanding a candidate beyond just their written credentials. When these two powerhouses merge, recruiters find themselves in a unique position.

Imagine a space where the structured, data-driven world of LinkedIn melds effortlessly with the warmth of Hirely’s video interviews. Here, HR professionals aren’t just looking at a list of past jobs and endorsed skills. They are getting a multi-dimensional view of a candidate: the passion in their voice, the conviction in their eyes, and the experiences etched into their resume. This integration isn’t about just amalgamating two sets of data; it’s about crafting a holistic candidate narrative, making the hiring process not just efficient, but also insightful.

How It Works

With a simple integration setup, Hirely pulls essential candidate data from LinkedIn. As an HR professional navigating the Hirely platform, you won’t just see the answers to your interview questions. Alongside, you’ll find the applicant’s LinkedIn career trajectory, endorsements, recommendations, and more. It’s not just about adding more data points, but about enriching the evaluation landscape.

This amalgamation empowers recruiters to make decisions rooted in both data and personal insight. Gone are the days of hopping between tabs, manually correlating information. The Hirely and LinkedIn integration ushers in an era where every piece of candidate information is in one cohesive, intuitive space.

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to Integration Settings within Hirely.
  2. Opt for the “LinkedIn” integration.
  3. Link your LinkedIn recruiter account following the provided steps.
  4. Post-integration, enjoy a unified view of applicant data from both LinkedIn and Hirely.

Support & Further Assistance

For any challenges or questions related to this integration, refer to our FAQ section or get in touch with the Hirely support team at [email protected].