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Hirely & Lever Integration


Amidst the maze of talent acquisition tools, Lever stands distinguished as a platform of choice for dynamic companies keen on proactive hiring. With its modern aesthetics, advanced automation, and deep analytics, Lever has redefined the recruitment narrative for a generation of organizations, from budding startups to industry behemoths.

The fusion of Hirely’s immersive video interviewing experience with Lever’s comprehensive talent management arsenal crafts a vivid tapestry of innovation and effectiveness in the recruitment domain. Together, they empower recruiters with a 360-degree view of candidates, blending the analytical with the emotional, and the quantifiable with the intangible.

How It Works

While Lever meticulously manages the stages of the candidate lifecycle – from initial outreach to final offer – Hirely introduces a visual cadence to the candidate’s story. Within the structured environment of Lever, recruiters can effortlessly engage with Hirely’s video responses, adding depth and color to their understanding of each potential hire.

Picture this enriched journey: You’re navigating Lever’s intuitive interface, exploring the details of a promising candidate. As you review their accomplishments and references, you also get to witness their articulation and passion via Hirely’s video submissions. This seamless integration ensures that every aspect of a candidate’s potential is explored, cataloged, and appreciated.

Getting Started

  1. Venture into Integration Settings within Hirely.
  2. Highlight the “Lever” integration option.
  3. Navigate through the streamlined steps to interlink your Lever workspace.
  4. Post-integration, Lever blossoms with Hirely’s video insights, delivering a well-rounded portrayal of every candidate.

Support & Further Assistance

For those moments of uncertainty or clarity-seeking, our FAQ section remains a beacon. And if you desire a direct interaction, Hirely’s ever-enthusiastic support team awaits your message at [email protected].