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Hirely & Kariyer.net Integration


Kariyer.net stands as a robust pillar in the job-seeking landscape, especially within the Turkish job market. With its extensive reach and diverse array of professionals and opportunities, it’s no wonder that it’s the go-to platform for many organizations and job seekers alike.

Uniting Hirely’s innovative approach to recruitment with Kariyer.net’s expansive user base offers a synergistic solution for companies seeking the right fit. This alliance brings forth the comprehensive professional backgrounds from Kariyer.net, coupled with the intimate glimpses into candidates’ personalities and potential via Hirely’s video interviews. It’s a merge of quantity with quality, data with depth, and credentials with character.

How It Works

When Kariyer.net’s comprehensive profiles meet Hirely’s video-centric insights, a dynamic synergy emerges. As you explore a candidate’s professional milestones on Kariyer.net within the Hirely platform, you’ll also be privy to their responses, aspirations, and nuances via their video interviews.

This intersection of data and personality offers recruiters a 360-degree view of a candidate. Assessments become richer, understanding deepens, and the bridge between a CV’s bullet points and a candidate’s personal aspirations becomes clearer.

With Hirely’s integration, Kariyer.net isn’t just a resume repository anymore; it transforms into a holistic talent discovery platform.

Getting Started

  1. Go to Integration Settings within Hirely.
  2. Opt for the “Kariyer.net” integration.
  3. Proceed to connect your Kariyer.net account with the prompts.
  4. Upon completion, Kariyer.net profiles will be enhanced with Hirely’s video interview insights, all under one platform.


Support & Further Assistance

For any inquiries, challenges, or support regarding this integration, our FAQ section is always available. You’re also welcome to contact the dedicated Hirely support team at [email protected].