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Integrations / Integrately

Hirely & Integrately Integration


In the complex world of software applications, Integrately emerges as a unifying force, bridging diverse platforms with the ease of a few clicks. Catering to businesses of all sizes, Integrately takes away the hassle of manual integrations, creating a smooth flow of information across applications, ensuring systems work in tandem without any hiccups.

Integrating Hirely with Integrately means not just connecting two platforms, but opening Hirely up to an entire universe of apps that Integrately supports. This union ensures that Hirely’s transformative video interviewing system can easily communicate, synchronize, and resonate with an expansive suite of tools, amplifying efficiency and possibilities for HR teams globally.

How It Works

Integrately’s core philosophy is about effortless connections. When paired with Hirely, this philosophy extends to ensuring that all candidate insights from Hirely can effortlessly flow into, and work alongside, any of the myriad platforms supported by Integrately.

Imagine the expanse of possibilities: You’re utilizing an HR tool that’s not natively supported by Hirely. Through Integrately, the chasm is bridged. Now, as you navigate your HR tool, Hirely’s video responses and insights can be accessed, analyzed, and even responded to without ever leaving your primary workspace.

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to Integration Settings within Hirely.
  2. Pinpoint the “Integrately” integration pathway.
  3. Follow the uncomplicated steps to unify your arsenal of apps via Integrately.
  4. With the integration active, Hirely’s features become accessible across a diverse range of tools, thanks to the expansive reach of Integrately.

Support & Further Assistance

Should you wander into realms of questions or seek further illumination, our FAQ section is ever vigilant. For hands-on guidance, Hirely’s dedicated support team is just an email away at [email protected].