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Hirely & Greenhouse Integration


In the intricate garden of talent acquisition and management, Greenhouse emerges as a pillar, celebrated for its intuitive design and robust applicant tracking functionalities. With its dedication to driving hiring success and its versatile suite of features, Greenhouse has consistently helped organizations cultivate and nurture their hiring processes.

Melding Hirely’s revolutionary video interview dynamics with Greenhouse’s steadfast recruitment management tools heralds a new dawn in talent acquisition. This synergy amplifies the richness of candidate insights and ensures that hiring managers and recruiters can dive deeper than ever into understanding the individuals behind the applications.

How It Works

As Greenhouse streamlines the end-to-end hiring process – from sourcing to onboarding – Hirely adds a layer of personal touch with its video interviews. Each candidate’s journey within Greenhouse is now complemented with a visual and auditory dimension. Beyond assessing skills and experiences through resumes and notes, hiring professionals can now also tune into a candidate’s Hirely video responses.

Envision this seamless experience: You’re immersed in Greenhouse, sifting through candidate applications. With a mere click, you transition from scanning a candidate’s qualifications to engaging with their Hirely video interview. This convergence means that each candidate’s narrative is comprehensive, accessible, and utterly revealing, all within the familiar realm of Greenhouse.

Getting Started

  1. Proceed to Integration Settings within Hirely.
  2. Select the “Greenhouse” integration pathway.
  3. Adhere to the user-friendly steps to merge your Greenhouse environment.
  4. Upon completion, Greenhouse’s ecosystem will naturally incorporate Hirely’s video interview facets, offering a richer candidate perspective.


Support & Further Assistance

For any queries, guidance, or support requests linked to this integration, our FAQ section is a steadfast ally. Should you need a more direct touch, the Hirely support brigade is readily available at [email protected].