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Revolutionize recruitment with Hirely's one-way video interviews. Discover the future of hiring on your schedule.


One-way Video Interviews

Hirely revolutionizes hiring with one-way video interviews. HR posts pre-recorded questions, enabling candidates to answer at their convenience.


Interview Transcription

Hirely's speech-to-text feature converts video interviews to text format, allowing interviewers to evaluate candidate responses quickly.


Collaborative Hiring

Hirely's platform allows unlimited users and job postings for customizable hiring.

artificial intelligence

AI-Powered Video Interviews

Hirely's AI analyzes video interviews, offers sentiment conclusions, and provides HR with insights into candidates to reduce hiring time.

Tailored Recommendations

Intelligent Questions

Hirely's technology provides custom question suggestions tailored to your hiring position, enabling a focused interview approach. Eliminate generic questions and achieve precise evaluations aligned with your hiring needs.


Global Interviewing

Hirely offers 15+ language support for an inclusive recruitment process that transcends borders, with interview transcripts and AI-driven analysis for every candidate.


Branded Experience

Customize your pages to match your brand identity with Hirely's page branding feature, creating a cohesive experience that showcases your unique employer brand.

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