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Yollando and Hirely

Yollanda & Hirely: Revolutionizing Recruitment

Use Case

Cost Efficiency


Delivery Service, E-Commerce,
Packaging Services, Shopping

Team size


Product features

Real Time Shipping Tracking,
HD Image Of Each Item

Before Hirely: Navigating the Logistics of Hiring

Yollanda.com, a frontrunner in the realms of Delivery Service, E-Commerce, Packaging Services, and Shopping, was envisioning a grand future under the leadership of Serdar Güvenkaya. With a burgeoning team of 11-50 and their eyes set on efficiency, they faced the monumental task of recruiting individuals who could navigate the multifaceted world of their industry.

Hirely's Beacon: Light in the Hiring Labyrinth

When Hirely came into the picture, Yollanda.com found a trusted ally. The platform's capabilities meant that Serdar and his team could deep-dive into the world of potential recruits, understanding their strengths, passions, and alignment with Yollanda.com's unique industry intersections.

Harnessing Product-Centric Talent with AI Insights

With standout features like Real Time Shipping Tracking and HD Image of Each Item, Yollanda.com wasn't just looking for employees; they were searching for enthusiasts who understood the essence of these offerings. Hirely's AI-driven analytics provided a lens to spot these gems. Through quick transcribed reviews, the team could efficiently find candidates who resonated with their mission of cost efficiency and product excellence.

Serdar Güvenkaya Reflects on the Journey:

"Integrating Hirely into our recruitment process was akin to finding the perfect compass for our expedition. We're not just hiring; we're building a family that understands and values the nuances of our services. Each new recruit, thanks to Hirely, is a testament to our commitment to excellence."

Yollando.com & Hirely: Crafting A Legacy of Excellence

The alliance between Yollanda.com and Hirely stands as a shining example of how technology, when married to vision, can create unparalleled synergies. As Yollanda.com continues to leave its indelible mark on its industries, it does so with a team that's been meticulously selected with Hirely's futuristic approach.

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