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Wask & Hirely: Transforming Recruitment with Tech

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Before Hirely: Facing the Growing Pains

Wask, spearheaded by its visionary founder, Ercan Pilcioğlu, was scaling rapidly. But with growth came the inevitable complexities of recruitment. Time constraints, the global talent hunt, and the quest for the right fit became pressing challenges. .

Hirely Steps In: Revolutionizing Recruitment

The solution lay in Hirely's cutting-edge platform. Through automated video interviews, Wask could now transcend time zones and scheduling woes, allowing candidates to pitch themselves on their own terms. This not only streamlined processes but also ensured that the company tapped into global talent effortlessly. .

Beyond Basics: Delving Deeper with AI

Where Hirely truly made a difference for Wask was in its AI-driven analytics. Now, the company wasn't just skimming through resumes or watching hours of interview footage. They had insights, precise evaluations, and a holistic understanding of each potential recruit. The transcription feature further streamlined the process, making candidate evaluation quicker and more effective. .

In Ercan Pilcioğlu's Words:

"Hirely hasn't just upgraded our recruitment process; it's reinvented it. The depth of understanding we now have about each candidate is unparalleled. It's recruitment, reimagined." .

Wask & Hirely: A Partnership Redefining Recruitment

Wask's journey with Hirely stands as a testament to what modern technology, coupled with visionary thinking, can achieve. The company is not just recruiting; they're strategically aligning talent with their mission, ensuring sustained growth and innovation.

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