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Studio Billion & Hirely: Revolutionizing Gaming Recruitment

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Talent Scouting


Casual Games, Gaming,
Online Games,Software

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Low Poly, Hypercasual Games

Before Hirely: Navigating the Gaming Talent Labyrinth

Studio Billion, an emerging powerhouse in the world of Casual Games, Online Gaming, and Software, under the guidance of founder Ümit Artı, was setting new standards in the industry. With an enthusiastic team size of 11-50, the challenge was to find gaming aficionados who could elevate their games, especially in the Low Poly and Hypercasual genres.

Hirely's Avatar: Reshaping the Recruitment Realm

Transitioning to Hirely's platform was like unlocking a new level for Studio Billion. It offered Ümit and his team the capability to engage with potential recruits in an interactive and insightful manner. The video interviews not only showcased the candidate's skills but also their passion and commitment to the gaming world.

Quest for the Gaming Virtuosos

Studio Billion's emphasis on Low Poly and Hypercasual Games meant they were looking for a specific kind of talent – those who could understand the pulse of their audience and craft immersive experiences. Hirely's AI-driven insights became the perfect power-up, guiding them to candidates who were in sync with Studio Billion's creative ethos. The speech-to-text feature further amplified the efficiency, ensuring the team could swiftly review and zero in on top talent.

Reflections from Ümit Artı:

"With Hirely, we've discovered more than a recruitment tool; we've found a partner in our journey. In the gaming industry, every talent addition can be the difference between a good game and a legendary one. Thanks to Hirely, we're confident that every new recruit is aligned with our mission at Studio Billion."

Studio Billion & Hirely: Leveling Up Together

The partnership between Studio Billion and Hirely signifies a fusion of creativity and technology. As Studio Billion continues to push the boundaries of gaming, they are backed by a team that's been chosen through Hirely's innovative, player-centric approach.

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