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Brandefense & Hirely: Elevating Cyber Talent Search

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Threat Intelligence Service,
Brand Protection, Attack Surface

Before Hirely: The Cybersecurity Talent Puzzle

In the rapidly-evolving domain of Cybersecurity, Brandefense, under the visionary leadership of co-founder Mehmet Canar Köroğlu, was carving a niche for itself. With an expert team size of 11-50 and a mission to protect, they were on the hunt for cybersecurity mavens who could further their vision. However, unearthing such specialized talent presented its challenges.

Hirely's Digital Gateway: Beyond Traditional Hiring

For a company steeped in the digital realm, Hirely's platform was the perfect match. It empowered Brandefense to seamlessly connect with potential candidates, delving beyond resumes to truly understand their cybersecurity ethos and expertise. Mehmet and his team could now witness the passion and skills of candidates firsthand, without the limitations of traditional interviewing.

Spotting the Protectors with Precision

Brandefense, with its standout features like Threat Intelligence Service, Brand Protection, and Attack Surface Management, needed individuals who weren't just well-versed in cybersecurity but were deeply committed to its cause. Hirely's AI analytics illuminated the path, pinpointing candidates who mirrored Brandefense's dedication to safeguarding the digital realm. The swift transcription reviews further refined the selection process, ensuring only the most aligned talents made the cut.

Mehmet Caner Köroğlu's Insights:

"Hirely has transformed our hiring narrative. In an industry as critical and nuanced as ours, every hire matters. With Hirely, we are confident that every new member joining our Brandefense family not only understands but resonates with our mission. It's more than recruitment; it's about forging a future-ready brigade."

Brandefense & Hirely: A Digital Alliance for the Future

The collaboration between Brandefense and Hirely symbolizes the union of future-focused visionaries. As Brandefense continues its relentless quest to defend the digital frontier, they do so bolstered by a team that's been handpicked through Hirely's advanced, insightful methods.

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